No radio sound (audio)

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I'm one of the new kids on the block. Not new to Mopar since I've had Mopars for probably 40 years. But, This is the newest pickup I have had. 1999 Dodge Ram Laramie SLT. It has just about everything on it. I bought it last August and really like it. A problem with the radio developed about 2 weeks ago. On that friday the radio was okay. Didn't drive it saturday or sunday. Monday went to work and no sound from the radio immediately. The radio is a am/fm-cd-cassette factory unit. It also has the volume and station controls on the back of the steering wheel which I don't ever use since I never had it before. The radio comes on and shows the stations readout and the time but no sound. I have tried two other radios the same and have the same results. When I got the truck the door speaker on the passenger side was not working but the back ones and the drivers door one did. Now none of them, all at the same time. Anyone have an answer for me? Thanks
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We may have a similar situation. I just bought my 98 Sport 2 weeks ago and only the rear ps speaker worked as well as the useless tweeters. I took off the ps door panel and tested to see if there was power going to the speaker and all of a sudden the speaker started working. I did unplug the wiring harness in the cab that goes to the door. It may have had a bad connection.

I'll do the other doors Wednesday as it was 100* out today. GL!
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