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Hello there this is my 1st post on this forum excited to get some answers or suggestions.

My cylinder 4 intake lifter failed but it didn’t ruin the camshaft bc the Pushrod fell out of rocker So I replaced all 8 lifters on passenger side. So I repaired and reassembled it, and when I crank the motor I hear a crunch or a clunk noise When trying to start the motor, There’s no start up, it wants to but just sputters and backfires. It also blew the egr pipe right off the intake manifold behind the throttle body. The head gasket wasn’t leaking I checked. now On cylinder 8 exhaust i am bending pushrods. I removed valve cover and noticed. So I thought the rocker was loose and I replaced bent one. So I reassembled Before using the electric starter I rotated the motor by hand to watch the lifters in action and they all seemed to be equal I measured each valve to see how Far they would drop. So I think okay, Maybe it was Just loose. So I Reassemble yet again, but while cranking the motor here’s that crunch clunk noise again n No start but backfiring still. the codes on scan tool are high map input. And my red lighting bolt was flashing(etc)
so I pull of the cover again and again the pushrod was bent. Only the top halve of pushrod was Bent idk if that’ll help Diagnose.
so I assumed the valve was stuck closed that’s why I have the high map and blew the pipe off the intake manifold.
i removed the head again bc I thought valve was hitting piston.
I should of did a compression test or a leak down test before tearing head off again but I thought I would see the problem if I removed the head and id Be ahead a few steps Ahead if it idid need 2 b removed. So anyways I don’t see any marks indicating the piston did hit the valve. I used a carpenters square on top of the valves where the rocker arms go. It seemed to be straight with that big square, when looking through the holes of exhaust the valve stem does not look bent to the eye.

So the Original problem was cylinder 4 intake lifter failed. Now It’s bend pushrods on #8 exhaust.
idk know what it could be. I’m kinda thinking maybe it’s the timing but I don’t see why the timing would get messed up when I just removed the head.
Im stumped. Maybe it’s bc I’m too close to it. And I’m not stepping back to think but Any suggestions Would help. Or somebody who has dealt with sum lik this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys for the help in advance.
Stay safe
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