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Thanks for the fix!

Thought I fixed problem with visor until it started to vibrate again. Turns out the head liner on passenger side was loose. I realized when pushing on c clamp that holds visor and headliner were moving up towards roof and back down. I ended up pushing clamp up until I heard two clicks. Voila... The headliner snapped into place and no more vibration.
Thanks dude! My headliner felt loose on passenger side on my 1 week old truck and kinda bounced the visor when on a rough road. The whole front forward side of liner felt loose when gently pushing up. No way this felt right so I went to dealer and checked a bunch of trucks on the lot and they all felt different, some tight, some looser, but all better than mine:wavey:. Dealer service guys said they would need truck for 2 days to R&R headliner. Not wanting to leave it that long right now I told em I'd do it later. I removed the screw holding the C-clamp earlier today and it was pretty short and had no part in holding up headliner, Now, after reading your post I just went outside and pushed up the visor C clip firmly and lo and behold it went SNAP and now the liner is firmly affixed. So, thanks, ya saved me 2 days of unnecessary down time!
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