Noise inside truck

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I have been reading the post about strange noises in 2012 rams. I too have had a noise like a vibration coming I thought was the right side of dash. You had to turn radio up so it didnt drive you crazy. I lifted my hood up to see if anything was loose at firewall when I noticed the felt matting on the underside of hood. It was supported in some places but flopped upand down in some other places. I duct taped the places where it had the most movement. Then I went inside the cab and removed lower glovebox. I reached in and grabbed a duct opening that is about 3 by 5 inches in size and moved it alittle bit. I thought about securing that plastic opening with something but I didnt. Drove the truck 75 miles today and no noise so I think the duct tape might be the fix under the hood. Hope this helps someone else cause the noise is very annoying
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