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Not sure what forum to put this in so if this is wrong I apologize:

on my 2012 ram 1500 I have noise that sounds like a big washer being rattled around in a plastic cup while I hit bumps. I looked to see if anything was loose-lugs, brakes, suspension but found nothing. only wear indicators I see are what looks like the bolts for the front strut is contacting the plastic inner fender. I just cant see that making that much noise. Any ideas? It's new so taking it in is no big deal, or cost, but my time, like yours is valuable .
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Try to locate it as close as possible first. Make sure that it is the suspension and not just something else rattling from a bump.

Seat belts do rattle on the inside. With my truck, when my girlfriend gets out the auto retract doesn't make it lay flat against the pillar, gets angled on the seat. I usually have to reach over and give it a slight turn so it sits against the pillar properly. It's surprising how much noise it will make.

Any mods done to suspension or anything else that would be rubbing or loose?
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