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I tried looking this up in another post as i thougt i have seen it somewhere but could not find it again, so sorry if this is being repeated.

My O/D OFF light comes on by itself if i am pulling my camper or when I drive uphill for an extended amount of time. I cannot turn it off. I have to just wait til it goes off by itself. And...., of course, I have no overdrive while it is on.

I Just in the last couple days have installed an extra trans cooler and a new speed sensor. Have not had it out yet enough to test yet.

It is almost as though it is telling me the tranny is getting too hot. During hunting season I pull my camper up in the mountains for quite a ways and the light will come on shortly before the "trans temp" light. this has happened twice but i know that is because of the steep grade for such a long ways. My tire size does not help this I know. I just don't know why the "O/D OFF" comes on when not under a load. And it only happens going uphill.

If anybody else has seen this or knows what causes it please let me know. I am at a loss!!!!
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