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I finally sorted out where I was hearing this strange random thumping sound. It appeared to be coming from the back of the truck, but I checked everything - everything was tight, and nothing was swinging.

The noise would occur at any speed, over any kind of terrain (smooth or gravel), on the throttle, or off... there wasn't any kind of repetitive pattern to it, just this weird noise that sounded as though something had just released up against the bottom of the truck.

Today, I wondered if it was transmission related. I turned off the O/D and sure enough, the noise disappeared. I went for an extended drive to make sure I hadn't just been mistaken... no noise. As soon as I engaged the OD, within a couple of minutes, this noise would randomly reappear.

The noise doesn't seem to affect the truck - except it has to travel back through the drive train to the back axle because that is where I hear it coming from.

So, likelihood the noise is transmission related. Which is never good news. Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same? And if so, what did you do to fix it?/
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