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Today finally got the cab lights put on my 16 Ram 2500 SLT. The truck didn't come with them factory. After searching for a shop brave enough to do the job, I am very pleased with the outcome.

Note of Interest though. Speaking with dealer who ran my VIN and stated the wiring harness is there if a dealer code shows it. Not always the case. I ordered the lens's which don't come with bulbs, however the shop notified me that the truck did not in fact have the harness or the clips, so he found the entire kit which included the harness, bulbs, clips and template. It was actually cheaper to buy from the dealer he went to for the whole kit then it was to buy just the lens's
Took one and half days and they look great, even upgraded to the LED bulbs. Personally I think it's well worth it and makes the truck look great

Part Number for complete kit 8221-1190-AB
I was charge $110.00 for the whole kit

Have a great day guys,
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