Off road lights/ tow hook options

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My new '12 Ram Big Horn will see some off road duty and I want to install some KC offroad lights and tow hooks on the front.

Can the factory tow hooks be retrofitted to the models without like mine?

As far as lighting, dont want to make any permanent changes to the truck as its a lease for now. The lights on the truck are actually pretty good as is compared to previous vehicles I have owned, but I do some beach driving and the gajillion candlepower KCs really makea HUGE difference at night on the beach.

Any suggestions? Pictures would be great if you have them.
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Yup, the tow hooks come out the wide ends of the black filler panel in your bumper. As I said you can buy a filler panel with the proper cutouts for about 12 bucks at moparonlineparts, search parts for 2011 (tow hooks) since they don't have 2012 in there yet. Its the same part. Or you can pay a bit more and order it at your dealer. It snaps out. Alternately, you can cut out part of the filler on each side and achieve the same result, just not quite as neat.
Cool.... Thanks!
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