Oil level question

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I just had my first oil change done a week ago at the dealer on my 2012 ram1500 with 5.7 hemi I was checking my oil today for ha ha's and noticed it was below the safe area. The warning light hasnt come on yet. I think they put 6 qts in instead of 7. Does anyone know how low the oil must go for a warning light to be set off? Anyway tomorow ill look under just to make sure no leaks and then ill pick up a quart. Has anyone had the same problem after a oil change? It amazes me that something so simple can be screwed up lol.
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its posible they made a mistake. Youd be surprised at some common mistakes thes "profesional" shops or dealers do. Dont wait for the light to go off and fill her up to the mark when shes warm. A cold engine might indicate the oil level a bit off.
I added a quart today next time I get the oil changed In gonna check it while im still at the dealer
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