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97 1500 sport with 5.9. Ive had some recurring issues since i bought it 3 years ago that i havent been able to fix.
Some of these are constant some are more intermittent.

1. Starts rough, have to give it gas to keep it from dying. It will stay started after that but sometimes wants to die at stops and at low idle.

3. Rough/low idleing

2. No codes currently

3. Oil light is flickering, oil level is good. Rpms going up and down. Replaced oil pressure switch about 2 years ago

Its getting pretty bad to the point i cant rely on it but i need to figure out this problem so i can get it fixed once and for all.

Replaced in the last 2 years:
Plugs and wires
Distributor cap and rotor
Ignition coil
Pcv valve
Oil pressure switch
Tensioner pulley
Throttle position sensor
Cleaned throttle body and iac valve

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mine has the same issue starting up, but in my case i have blown head gaskets and the only way to keep her running on idle was to take the air cleaner box off. not saying you have blown head gaskets, however i would make sure the radiator is topped off and start it with the cap off. if it start bubbling out then you do have blown gaskets. if not then you're more than likely safe from it and i would look into a compression check
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