Oil Pressure confusion! >.<

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Allright, this seems to be a slightly prevalent problems for Dodge Rams of this generation. Although no one has ever really gave me a decent solution. During braking (depending on how hard I step on that pedal) the oil pressure gauge will drop steadily..Not all the way, but, definitely a noticeable amount. Once I fully stop or even coast, the oil pressure will return to about half of where it was :4-dontknow:. When I accelerate the pressure returns to the normal position where it will be during idle. Now I know my engine is in good shape, oil change every 3K and all that and it still spits as much horsepower as it should. And yes I Always keep the oil level optimal, check it every other day. It does not seem to have any hamper on performance although I completely baby my truck. And I do know it is not just a one in a million issue. My fathers Ram which he bought new in 1999 did the same thing starting around 70,000 miles up until the truck was sold with 187,000 miles with no engine problems. I have talked with other people and many opinions seem to revolve around the oil pickup from the oil pan having a design flaw and easily clogging and slowing down oil sending. If this is the problem and not just a computer,cluster issue.. would changing out that part remedy the situation? I have a 4X4 so there would be no steering components to move just a gasket to replace once the job was done... The reason I do beleive it to be something like that is because my dash cluster has no issues and all the bulbs work and has never given me a problem.. thankyou and all opinions are appreciated! :smileup:
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i had the same problem on my 96 with the 5.9. was happening for two years or more.

i wasnt concerned because i also babied the engine. in the end, i changed the sending unit. 20 dollar fix. never a problem again.
I've had the same issue with the 5.2 in my old Ram as well as the 5.2 in both my son's Grand Cherokees. Replacing the sender fixed both.
Should I be concerned about sludge build up in the upper portions of my engine? Around the valve train and such.. I believe my plan of action will be too replace the sending unit next oil change ( in about 600) miles and drop the oil pan to clean the oil pickup since I know they clog fairly easily. Maybe a flush oil change along with allot of Sea foam if the pickup and sender are clogged bad?
I'd put the sea foam in now, and let it do it's thing for 600-700 dont want it in there for the entire 3k miles.
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