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Has anyone encountered this problem? About a month ago my ‘05 1500 4.7L started showing no oil pressure at start up, only when cold. What I do is immediately shut it off then re-start and the guage jumps up to where it should be. I’m guessing that it’s only a problem with the gauge or the sensor because I’ve never had the idiot light come, even when the gauge reads 0.
I’ve use only Pennzoil Ultra full synthetic oil every 3,000 miles since 23k, I’m at 87k now so I don’t think I have a problem with sludge (but you never know).
I do an instrument check and all the gauges pass and I get a C-code of 00 00.
Any Ideas?
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Very similar situation to what DAKiller reported. 2005 1500 4.7/V8. Got home from work the other day, turned truck off, remembered I wanted to check a bulb I had recently replaced, restarted truck, DING, Check Gauges w/0 oil pressure. Oil level was fine, no indication of any leaks in the driveway. Drove truck for a few more days, no problems. On the way to work this morning, stopped at a light, DING, Check Gauges w/0 oil pressure. Then it happened at every stop / idle the rest of the way to work. While driving oil pressure gauge showed normal levels. All other gauges indicated normal. I read several other posts where air temperature could have been a factor. While 45 is considered cold by FL standards, I doubt 45 is really all that cold by RAM standards?
Suggestions? Oil pressure sensor?
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