Oil Pressure guage wacky

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HI I am new here and I need a answer to a problem. I bought a 1998 Dodge 1500 Van 318 had the oil changed last week and I noticed that the oil pressure gauge drops down to no pressure after the van has been running but it goes back up to normal when I am driving and goes back down when I stop the check gauge light then comes on. I have oil in the engine and I just had the oil pressure switch replaced I am at my wits end can someone give me a solution. Its starts doing this after the engine warms up. Julie
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Hi Julie. That could be the oil pump in the engine and could be a bad situation if it goes out. Can you take it back to whoever put the sending unit in it and have them triple check that they clicked it into the harness? I would check it for codes too. Any auto parts store can do that for free. If the oil pump was to go out - it will start making noise and then generally can ruin an otherwise good engine. Sometimes it can be the pick up screen on the pump too. They will get clogged with crud and not let it pick up oil.
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