ooops! i killed another ram

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I went to pick up my old lady from her moms and coming back this 2nd gen v8 with a exhaust and deep dish 22s pulled next to me and he hit it i felt confident i would smoke this 2nd gen. but my wife said to not even think about it so i held back but we end up next to eachother at the lights and this guys starts reving at me and rolled down his window maddogging. So instead of me getting upset my wife does and she said smoke this idiot.So i know this guy was gonna take off, i was right and we both hit it and by the time i hit second gear i was already gone.And still this guys comes up for more and i hit it again and leave in him in the dust and thats when my old lady said that was enough, so i slow down to speed limit and this idiot rolls down his window flipping us off and barking some BS so we roll down the window and start laughing at the dumba** and he took off flipping the bird ha now thats what i call a sore loser! if it wasnt for my wife i prolly would of ended up in county ha but shouldnt let p.o.s people stoop me down to their level i got a good head on my shoulders. he shouldnt had started somthing he couldnt finish and bit off more than what he could chew on and ended up choking. :hah:
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While I still haven't driven my Hemi, I know that my best friend's 2003 cummins could more than likely smoke it..... but his truck is probably making around 500hp and nearly 1000lb/ft of torque with a very long list of engine mods, lol... that thing sounds like a freaking jet engine when he punches it

But back on topic... dudes like that jackass drive me crazy... there have been many times driving that my wife has had to calm me down b/c of some moron...
Ya... my buddy has a custom tuned programmer... but he also has a new wastegate that holds more boost, 5" exhaust from the downpipe, bigger injectors and fuel pump, better exhaust manifold (can't say what exact kind it is b/c I dont know, but it's an aftermarket one) oh.... and did I mention the bigger turbo? lol... His truck pulls like a freaking freight train and sounds like a jet engine... and it's a total sleeper b/c honestly it doesn't look like much on the outside and the inside is plagued with dash-crack and is falling to pieces...
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