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Is there a published list of operating parameters? Like at what speed your transmission is supposed to shift gears, speed limiter set to xxx MPH, Rev limit set to xxx RPM just for some examples.

I was playing with the manual shift feature crusing on the way home this week. I noticed at 55 mph the truck will not shift to 6th gear. The display says it does, but there is no change in RPM and you can't feel it shift.
I also noticed that the MDS does not engage while you are in Manual shift mode.

I did away with the stock y-pipe and installed a DI/DO 18" magnaflow last week and at some speeds the MDS really sounds bad. if it sould shift into 6th gear at 55 it would eliminate sound

My last question. A buddy of mine has the same truck as me and was trying to show me a way to cheat the 2-3 shift function. He was doing something and it really satayed in 2nd till the he made it shift to 3rd. while racing someone. I want to go to the track next friday just for the hell of it and see how fast the marshmellow is lol
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