Opinions on 2" level with stock 20" wheels and tires?

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Hi all. I have really been considering a set of Bilstein 5100s for my truck lately. I would only set them at the next to highest setting at most (2.1" I believe). Are the stock 275/60/20 tires too short for a roughly 2" level? I have been looking at some 275/65/20 that I think would fill the wheel well a little better but I have a nearly new set of Cooper Zeons in the stock size and I'm hesitant to drop another grand on taller tires.

I have googled and looked at all kinds of I'm just asking for honest opinions. Thanks!
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i'm installing a daystar 2" lift & level kit on my stock 20's and suspension,
I was about to give up on this thread, lol. Like I said, I was just looking for opinions. The stock size tires (275/60/20) already have that low profile look and I'm just wondering if I install a 2" level if it will look like it needs bigger tires on it because of the extra space created between the tire and fender. I measured a 2.75" difference between the front and back so I would go with the 2.1" setting. Technically the front would still have less space than the rear.
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