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Some Assembly Required
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OK folks, I'd like your thoughts. First off, what I have:

Its freshly detailed every Friday as I'm a detailer so its in overall excellent condition. Its an 03 with a 5.7 and the t-bars cranked up 1 1/2", 285 70 17 MT/Rs and 94K on the clock. No major problems to speak of.

This is what I'm looking at:

Its an 01 with a 5.9 and 108K and 315 tires.

For off roading I prefer a straight axle, the miles don't bother me and eventually down the line I would have lifted my truck where as the 01 already has a Skyjacker lift. The 01 is pretty much as clean as my truck inside and out. The 01 was traded in and their deal hasn't been funded as of yet so this might not even happen but if it does, my payments will decrease and I will owe about 3g less.

I am was a Chevy guy and my current Dodge has won me over. I'm now comfortable with it. So my question is should I do the deal if it becomes available? Oh and the only outwardly thing wrong with the 01 is the tranny pan is seeping and it looks like the tcase will need to be resealed. Other than that the 01 drives and rides nice and seems mechanically sound.
#1, I would NOT, under ANY circumstances, trade a new car for an older car, with the exception of going from any brand to a Lexus. This is just my preference.

#2, I wouldnt want to finance anything over 5 years old (with the exception of 3 brands-Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Ferrari/Lambo etc...

#3, NEVER trade a vehicle with no problems for one that has problems, however small they might be.

No offense to anyone that has one, but 2nd gens, pretty as they are (they are a kickass design, even now), are nowhere near reliable (typically). My family has had 3 of them, and they were all shit by 100k. :4-dontknow: I cannot in good conscience recommend one to anyone.

Again, that doesn't mean there aren't good ones out there...but...
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