Opinions please on resonators

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Had a Cherrybomb Vortex welded in. Love it. The sound is awesome and fairly deep for a straight-through flowing muffler. Considering losing the resonators for a little more sound. Do you guys think it would increase the sound too much? And on a side note...would it help exhaust flow at all? Don't know if there's baffling inside or just a straight-through tube. Here's a clip of it with resonators still on

Thanks a bunch for any thoughts.
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That sounds awesome as is. I would be afraid to remove them as I have heard you pick up a drone when MDS kicks in. I installed a magnaflow on mine and left the resonators on. I love the sound and have no drone.
I have a vette that's straight piped with no resonators and the drone is nasty on the highway.

I also put in a MagnaFlow 14" on my 2013, left resonators in. It sounded perfect with VERY little drone. I'm going to do the same thing on my R/T.

I'm not a huge fan of the straight through C-Bomb sound though.
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