Opinions please on resonators

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Had a Cherrybomb Vortex welded in. Love it. The sound is awesome and fairly deep for a straight-through flowing muffler. Considering losing the resonators for a little more sound. Do you guys think it would increase the sound too much? And on a side note...would it help exhaust flow at all? Don't know if there's baffling inside or just a straight-through tube. Here's a clip of it with resonators still on

Thanks a bunch for any thoughts.
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That sounds awesome as is. I would be afraid to remove them as I have heard you pick up a drone when MDS kicks in. I installed a magnaflow on mine and left the resonators on. I love the sound and have no drone.
I have a vette that's straight piped with no resonators and the drone is nasty on the highway.
Thanks man yeah she sounds really good to me too, especially considering all it is is a single muffler swap. You're right I can hear the MDS drone some but I actually like it. Funny how it's louder at cruising on 4 cylinders than it is on 8 LOL. I know it would pick up a little but wish I knew how much. Really hoping someone with the Vortex muffler without resonators would chime in with a clip. All the ones I've found are with resonators. But like you said until I'm sure it wouldn't be too much drone I'm just gonna leave them on. Thanks for your opinion.
I have the Cherry bomb Vortex muffler. Few months after the install I had the resonators deleted, and put 5" stainless dual lined tips for a better look. Sounds amazing. I also have headers and magnaflow high-flow cats and combined it makes one hell of a growl. I get compliments all the time when its fired up.

You wont regret it..go big or go home lol...
Awesome thanks for the feedback. So you're saying before the cats and headers it made a big difference? Any chance you have an exhaust clip! I want a good sound but I get along with my neighbors and I don't want that to change lol.
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