Opinions please on resonators

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Had a Cherrybomb Vortex welded in. Love it. The sound is awesome and fairly deep for a straight-through flowing muffler. Considering losing the resonators for a little more sound. Do you guys think it would increase the sound too much? And on a side note...would it help exhaust flow at all? Don't know if there's baffling inside or just a straight-through tube. Here's a clip of it with resonators still on

Thanks a bunch for any thoughts.
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I have the Cherry bomb Vortex muffler. Few months after the install I had the resonators deleted, and put 5" stainless dual lined tips for a better look. Sounds amazing. I also have headers and magnaflow high-flow cats and combined it makes one hell of a growl. I get compliments all the time when its fired up.

You wont regret it..go big or go home lol...
I dont have a sound clip but with the cherry bomb itself it sounded great. Taking the resonators off gave it a little more but its not like they hinder the sound very much. They arent mufflers. There's not really a whole lot to them if you look inside.

If you already have the Vortex on and no one is complaining, the resonators dont make it any louder- just a little sharper sound. Like I said I have that setup with headers and cats and it has a marvelous deep growl.

The only way to scare the neighbors would be to swap out for the cherry bomb extreme or the glass pack as they are very very loud due to minimal restriction and insulation. The Vortex was designed to get high CFM out at a moderate dB level. It goes into more detail on their website.
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