Oracle HOD's

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I'm gonna give them a try since I can't afford HID's right now.

I'll post pix....
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had them in my Challenger, not a bad light, never did install the fogs, I ended up going full HID.
I'm gonna give them a try since I can't afford HID's right now.

I'll post pix....
Please post pic's, super curious to see these.
i think they shipped out today...
they are pretty decent for light output, I opted to go full HID: never installed the fogs

here they are in my Challenger: you can see the lower are Hid

H13 (Hi/Low)

Fogs (New In Box) H10

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ok, got the HOD's installed in the projector fogs. no before and after pic since the original bulbs were both done in. i did notice that the fogs are on the wrong sides (upside down).

once i get the fogs flipped around and the headlights swapped i'll post up some pix.
I can't wait to see how these things do! I need some headlights in my wife's Jeep and I want to upgrade mine as well!
I put these in my high beams last week and it seems that the lights have a mind of there own. They seem to take a few seconds to warm up before they actually turn on. Then if I need to go to low beams when meeting oncoming traffic, then try to go back to high beams the bulbs wont even turn on. As far as light output they seem to light up everything but IMO there not as bright road wise as the stock bulbs. I'm probably going to try to send them back this week and get some Sylvania Ultras.
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