Orange rear turn signals.

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I have just imported a Dodge Ram - 2007 4x4 from USA to Sweden.

In Sweden we must have orange turn signals to drive the car legal on the roads.
The 2007 ram only have 2 reflector in the tail light so I bought tail lights from a 2006 ram with orange turnsignal on the upper reflector.
I also have the connector plate from 2006

I want it to be like this.

Upper Reflector: Orange turnsignal
Middle reflector: Red parking light and brake light.
Lower reflector: White reverse light.

How do I do with the electric wires?
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I'm not sure if I'll be able to help or not...

Can you post a description of the wiring harness and the new connector harness? It will be helpful to know how many wires and what colors they are on each.
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