Orange rear turn signals.

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I have just imported a Dodge Ram - 2007 4x4 from USA to Sweden.

In Sweden we must have orange turn signals to drive the car legal on the roads.
The 2007 ram only have 2 reflector in the tail light so I bought tail lights from a 2006 ram with orange turnsignal on the upper reflector.
I also have the connector plate from 2006

I want it to be like this.

Upper Reflector: Orange turnsignal
Middle reflector: Red parking light and brake light.
Lower reflector: White reverse light.

How do I do with the electric wires?
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You willl jut have to make your own turn signal harness off of the existing one. You will need to find out which is the turn signal signal wire and tap into it to run a line for a new bulb
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