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I'm at my wits end with my truck. 03 4.7 2WD short box, the other day while driving home it was near total overheat almost to the red on the gauge. I replaced the whole cooling system Radiator, thermostat, water pump, fan clutch, hoses and cap test drove it no leaks anywhere and no water in the oil but after 3 to 4 miles of test driving from an overnight sit it heats right back up within 5 to 10 miles not running any accessories. pressure test on the radiator is fine and I have been going through the relentless effort of burping the system but the amount of air circulating through the overflow/fill is something I've never seen before. Anyway it's still overheating :att:.

I've searched the form high and low read many of the threads and no such luck on any advice. So has anyone had this problem as well and if so how did you fix it.
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