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I have a little problem with my build...
I'm checking piston to valve clearance and it doesn't work...
I checked with the hydrolic lifter i will be using, and there
is no problem, about 0.250 clearance on the intake....
But every body tell me to check this with a solid lifter.....
so i make one with my hydrolic.....reverse the plunger,no
spring, and rebuild it.....the cup is at is highest point, in
contact with the retainer clip......
And oups, my valve doesnt clear at all....My valve doesnt
even close...NEVER....when i bolt the rocker on the compress the valve even at its closed my valve is always 0.170 thou open all the
So what's up with that?
Just by how the valve acts, i can see its not the right
way....Why the reading with the standard hydrolic roller
would be no good? And why my valve is open 0.170 thou even
when closed with this homemade solid.....Cant be my pushrod
lenght....too much difference.....a couple of thou
maybe...but 0.170!!!!impossible!
Any help would be apreciated...
Thank you

My engine spec
360 0.030 over
pro tru piston with valve relief
0.005 piston to deck
howard cam 229/233 0.523/0.523 110 lsa
1.6 roller rocker
iron ram big valve heads ported( by me!!) 259 cfm flow bench
tested after my job....
52 mm tb
Thank you
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