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I am interested in retrofitting Morimoto H1s into the stock quad light housing on my 2010 Sport. I am from Canada, so my truck has the daytime running lights (DRLs). Ideally, I would like the cut-off solenoid on the Morimoto to operate as intended (on the high beam circuit). However, the DRL circuit operates on the high beam circuit as well. It is known that the DRLs are activated by a low voltage supplied by the TIPM. I am not an electronics guru, but I was thinking that if it was possible to get a relay that would energize at 12V, but not the 3-4V supplied for the DRLs, that this could be used to supply voltage to actuate (drop-out) the cutoff in the projector. The stock halogen high beam would also be fully lit in the high beam situation.

Two questions:
Does a relay like this exist?
Would this send the TIPM into a fit on the high beam circuit?

I attached a sketch of what I’m thinking.


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