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What are the paint codes for Dodge's Bright Intense Blue Pearl and Bright Electric Blue Pearl colors? I'm not talking about the newest shade .... I'm thinking the 1990s
shades of blue ...

I have a '97 Club Cab 4x2. Couple years ago as a result of a hit-and-run :)smiledown:) driver I got a new headlight & fender, plus the plastic above the bumper, the air dam, and the trim strip. Since I had some old hail and scratch damage, I also got a new hood (the grill was reused). The replacement parts were repainted factory-shade (Light Driftwood metallic). So now the truck's two shades of one color ... Now, I live in Texas. I've got 14 years of sun fade, and the clear coat on the roof is shot. Time for a repaint (plus some paintless dent removal for the remaining hail damage).

I'm planning to do an old-school paint job ... Roof & pillars and below-the-trim-stripe in a nice blue, and a two-tone-blue stripe down the side from the headlights to the taillights (3/8narrow - 1/4gap - 3/4wide - 1/4gap - 3/8narrow), over a repaint-to-factory main color.
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