Painted Bumpers Question

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I was talking to the body shop people at my dealership about replacing my chrome bumpers with the sport style bumpers. One reason because I need to replace my rear bumper anyways because someone hit and run on me and secondly I love how the sport trucks look. Anyways when we started talking about pricing and everything the body shop guy suggested I just paint my bumpers. He swears up and down that he can get the paint to stay on the bumpers by sanding them down and then etching them and basically creating a molding over the old chrome bumper. He said by doing this I can come out way cheaper because he will hook me up since I have helped him in the past when purchasing vehicles. My question is has anyone heard of somebody doing this or something similar and it working out and holding up? Also does anyone know where I can buy the front and rear bumpers? (really cheaply and just have them painted) I am most worried about that front bumper getting hit with rocks and stuff and chipping the paint easily by doing this other way he suggested. Any help is appreciated.

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It can be painted and it definately would be cheaper then replacing the bumpers and going to the sport style bumpers. esp the rear as it is the same bumper but with color. Another option would be powdercoating the bumpers!
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