Passenger side rattle!!!

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ok, i have a 2012 ram express with only 400 miles and already have a rattle on the passenger side, only on bumps. its not the seat belt, and its not the seat. does it with window up or down, and sounds like its coming from the corner of the dash/or door panel, but i cant really tell. Anyone have this rattle yet? id rather have the rear bumper falling off than have a rattle i cant find. SMH!
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Random but u wouldnt happen to keep anything in the passenger door panel at the bottom would you?
Have you looked in both glove compartments?
The jack and tool kit under the seat? Mine rattled after I had it out and didn't put it back exactly right.
I had a similar rattle in my 2011, sounding like it was coming from inside the glove box area.. It was driving me nuts. It ended up being the hood. The rubber stopper wasnt adjust high enough. Adjusted it up a little and no more rattle. I found it buy lightly banging on radom things with my hand.
I've had similar problem only in the aft right end of the cab 3500. It sure sounds like a mount. Take a look at this video and see if it's similar.
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