Peeved or petty?

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This may be petty but when I went to pickup my brand new 2014 Ram 1500 Black Express the drivers door lock malfunctioned. It wouldn't lock remotely. It would lock manually but the locking shaft was also sticking out about 2.5 inches. The dealer says it may be due to the undercoating or paint protection. In any event, they said they would order a new lock. Well that didn't work and the next step was a software update. Apparently there is a recall [MDH 041117] for the radio frequency hub module and they did apply that. The door lock works though it was working prior to the update as I manually worked it loose anyway. But what bothers me is its still extended inches farther then the passenger side. The passenger side when locked is even with the cuts on the pin. The drivers side is extended about 2 inches out. I mean its higher than the passenger side when its unlocked. It visually looks like the door is unlocked. Is there a way to adjust the height of the door lock pin or am I just being too petty and anal?
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I think you're well within your rights to expect a "representative" truck regardless of trim level. you're shelling out money for a product, and you have the right to expect that that product be according to specs. You wouldn't hesitate to bring back a $10 item from wal-mart if it didn't meet specs - so why should you accept this. it's merely a matter of scale.
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