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Ok on Saturday I towed a garden shed from my parents house to my house.

It's not real heavy. It's 6'x10', it is built out of fir studs, and ship lap, so there is a bit of weight, but as you can see its a big scoop

Well at low speeds it moved it like it was not even there up to about 80km/hr (50mph) and I stayed at that speed for the first couple miles. Stopped, checked straps, etc. That was heading west.

Ok now north for 9 miles I stepped up the speed a bit and it was very noticeable. Just like you opened a parachute behind it. I didn't want to go too fast, and have the siding or shingles fly off, the truck pulled it up to 100km/hr but it really wanted to rev. I had to let off a bit for it to shift down (which was still 3000rpm)
It held speed fine there, winds were gusting but manageable. In tow/haul the buttons on the steering wheel would not shift it up to the next gear. Seemed strange to me. Fuel economy on instantaneous jumped around too much to form an opinion.
Then construction for a while so 80 km/hr max. So that was no issue although it still liked the revs a bit more than I thought necessary. Not loud or annoying in the cab though.

Ok out of construction heading north-east speed 100km/hr. The wind affected me the most on this stretch, it did not want to downshift, wanted to run 4000rpm, but I didn't. I picked up the pace to 105km/hr which it did easily, and then was able to downshift it stayed there for a couple miles, but then downshifted during a wind gust so I slowed down a bit to about 90 to keep the revs reasonable.

Turned north again for the last 20 miles, it held 105 and downshifted fine, so I kept it there.
Checked guages
Coolant: 105 Celsius
Engine oil: 105 Celsius
Trans temp: 99 Celsius

Average economy: not sure, likely 25l/100kms.

The truck never felt out of power however it really wanted to rev. I know the engines are a little soft down low for power, but it was a bit excessive for the one stretch. Have to see if its normal about the shift buttons not up shifting.
Honestly I think the hemi truck would get better fuel economy pulling the same load. I would like to tow a travel trailer next to see how it would do. This shed is hard to guage because of the shape. If I would have loaded it all the way to the front of the trailer it may have changed the characteristics a bit too.
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