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i want to get a little more power out of my 96 318 with 295xxx KM on it. The truck runs great and i was looking at chips for it to get rid of the deathflash but i don't think i can get one because my diag port won't power on the diag tool so i don't think that a chip would work. Also i was wondering if a CAI would be worth it compared to the stock air box and if so what one would you guys recommend? I have a cheap muffler on it id say it would of been around 100 dollars canadian when it was installed(including labor)(around 100 anyhow), so i am not sure if this is bogging me down or not. Recently replaced one injector, distrib. cap.(and rotor button), all new plugs.

Also i know it is off subject but my fuel guage only goes to 3/4 and when the light comes on it only takes around 48 liters instead of the 96 the tank is suppose to hold so i think the needle is off? or would it be the sending unit busted.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

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First, make sure you don't have a blown plenum gasket. Look down the throttle body and see if there's oil in there. If there is, the gasket that is in between the plenum plate and the intake manifold is blown and the intake is sucking oil through. This kit will fix it and prevent future problems as well:

If you do the plenum fix, you might as well do the Kegger mod found here:
You will have that whole thing opened up anyway, so you might as well clear out some restriction and let the air in better.

Instead of doing the first two mods, and if you want to spend some more money on the intake, you can get this:
This will completely eliminate the plenum problem by replacing the entire intake manifold. You should get some better throttle response and power with this manifold.
Installation guide here:

This throttle body mod is free, so give it a shot and maybe add a CAI too:

For some more serious mods, a set of 1.7:1 Harland Sharp roller rockers is great for adding power. It increases the valve lift. You can find some here:
And a good installation guide here:
And another one here:

A good set of headers for not too much money:

Get an SCT Tuner from Hemifever too. It's the best one I am aware of for our 1996 trucks. Get it last because you will need to tell Hemifever which mods you have done. Better to have everything done first rather than have to change a tune later.
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