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Wondering if anyone out there is good with photoshop as I am thinking of plasti dip'n my rims and was wondering if someone would be able to do the two colours on my truck so I can decide? If anyone is able to and is willing to help that would be awesome or tell me how I can do it myself.
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post good pics of the truck with the rims facing us. The bigger the better.

Simple way to do it using photoshop: open pic with photoshop and add a new layer on top of original pic. (make sure you add a new layer)
Zoom in on the rims, and use the brush tool to cover the whole rim and only the rim. The part you want painted. Take as much time as you need.
Now theyre gonna look black and out of place, so go on the layer options, and drop the opacity to about 85-90% (or any % of your choice, try them out) on the layer you painted the rims. That will take the texture of the rim.
Next, use the burn tool, and go around all the edges of what you painted, and try out different tools to see what works for you.

This should be enough to give you a decent picture of what it should look like.
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