Picking up Code P2175

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I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab truck with a 5.7 Hemi engine. I'm picking up this code: P2175. I replaced the air filter last month and the engine ran fine. Now, the engine won't start. Any suggestions? Thank you, Tommy.
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Thanks 09nitetrain, you were a very big help! I disconnected the negative battery terminal. I then removed the air filter housing and factory induction tube and housing assembly. I disconnected two wire connectors. One on the induction tube housing and the other on the throttle body itself. I then removed the throttle body and gave it a good cleaning. The bore and throttle body plate was super black. Don't understand why they designed the engine oil filler tube to be connected to the throttle body. All that fumes from the engine over time builds up and get's collected in the throttle body bore and around the throttle body plate. This causes the throttle plate not to close fully, which in my case, would not allow the engine to start. I just used a lint free rag. I did not have any type of cleaner on hand to help clean the black film buildup. I just kept wiping the throttle body bore and the throttle body plate until they were super clean. Especially the outter circumference of the throttle plate. Once I was satisfied that everything was super clean, I re-installed the throttle body and related items. Reconnected the negative battery cable and started the engine. It started right up, and after a few minutes and rev's, the engine ran fine. Hope this helps for others who may be experiencing the same problem. Aloha, Tommy.
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any other problems or questions just ask.
I sure will. Thanks again. Aloha, Tommy.
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