Pics of Mineral Gray w Black Wheels

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Cant decide to go black or Chrome. I have a Mineral Gray 1500 Crew 4x4 with the stock 20x8 gray wheels. Trying to decide if I want to replace with chrome or black wheels. I like the black but affraid they may look funny with the chrome bumpers on my truck. :4-dontknow:

Also I think my truck has a leveling kit on it although it sits high in the rear. I bought it this way. It sits 41 inches at the rear fender and 39 inches at the front with the stock 275 60 20s. Thinking 18s with 325 60 18 or 20s with 305 55 20s?

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Black wheels look good on just about everything, well that's my opinion at least. Having had chrome wheels before and painted now I will say that cleaning is so much easier. Polishing chrome and dealing with brake dust was a PITA, but that also depends on how much you drive and how often you go between cleaning.

Either will look good but be sure to post some pics once you have put them on.
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