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Thought you guys would be interested to see pics of used ZF 8HP transmission fluid after 75K miles / seven years versus brand new fluid. This is the factory fill that came out of a 2016 1500 w/ a 5.7 that was used primarily for light commuting with maybe 2,000 miles of light towing (4K Lb trailer) and again 75K total miles. The fluid was darker than I had expected. It smelled ok e.g. not burnt at all. Looking at this fluid, in the future I would probably have done this at 60K miles instead of 75K. Also note you need a very stubby (like 0.75") 10mm allen to get the drain bolt out unless you either lift the trans or drop the exhaust (I did neither). I cut this little guy off from a cheap allen wrench with an angle grinder.

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