Pictures of my RAM.

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Hey, guys. These are weeks late, but here ya go. I'm really disappointed with the hood... The body shop did a great job, but there was some lack of communication and they painted it before telling me it was going to be wavy because of the s*** fiberglass. It looks like my ex took a hammer to it. Oh, well. It's too late to get my money back. Might sell it and go to a stock one. Not sure. Thoughts? Here are the pictures. I had a 4 day weekend from work and decided to go do some mudding with a few friends. I got the dirtiest. ;) I'll tell you what, these tires are amazing. SUPER quiet for a mud tire, the self-cleaning on them is ridiculous. Massive rooster tails and they don't get clogged up even in some nasty stuff. They're Dick Cepek Mud Country 33x12.50x17. I also had a 2.5" leveling kit put on to clear them, but they still rub on my control arms. :/

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The two pictures in the snow were taking before I got the kit and tires put on.


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Truck looks good.Seems like you and your friends had a lot of fun out mudding...:LOL:...:smileup::smileup:.Rob
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