Which Square LED Pod Light Is Better???

  • Pilot Automotive

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  • KC HiLiTES

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So I got my $50 rewards card from Pep Boy's today and figured I'd pick up some lights for the middle of my front bumper on my truck. I want the small style, square pod design and these 2 brands seem like the only decent ones they have in stock...

Pilot Automotive 3" Square Led Light

PILOT's PLX series of LED Lights combines the latest high intensity LED technology with exceptional quality and lasting durability. Available in a full range of sizes with various mounting options. The PLX lights will provide you unrivaled visibility and safety.

• 18 Watts
• 1,620 Lumens
• 8 Degree Spot Beam
• 6000K Color Temp

▪Price (for 2) After 30% Off Promo Code: $111.00

KC HiLiTES 3" C Series C3 LED Pair Pack System

KC HiLiTES 330 3" C3 LED Spot Beam Pair Pack System includes: (2) 3" C3 LED Lights with Brackets, (1) Complete Wiring Harness (harness works with factory up lifter switches). LED life-span of 50,000 hours. Features: 1,080 Lumens per light/12w each; spot beam pattern and easy bolt-on mounting brackets.

• LED Spot Beams: 3w x 4 Total Wattage: 12W
• Output: 1,080 Lumens
• Beam Pattern: 12° Spot for Maximum Forward Distance/High Speed Visibility
• Color Temp: 6000K LED Life: 50,000 Hrs
• Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum On-Board Thermal Management
• Protected Against RFI / EMC Interference IP 67 Rated

▪Price (for 2) After 30% Off Promo Code: $129.00

Does anyone have any experience or any reviews on either LED Pod or even any kind of feedback on either brand?

Perhaps one brand is better than the other? Please reply or vote below... thanks!

P.S. I'm kind of leaning towards the Pilot Automotive Pods because I have 4 8" COB LED Bars made by Pilot Automotive in my bed to light it up at night and they are super bright and felt like they were good quality. I'm just posting here to get some feedback on the KC HiLiTES if anyone has them.

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Just looking at the specifications the Pilots will be brighter and have a narrower beam so you'll get farther down range action as well. They're almost 2x as bright as the KC's.
That's what I thought, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with either of these sets and had anything good or bad to say about them...
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