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So I've been reading about "death flash" and the "plenium fix". I'm assuming this is something I should do while having the engine rebuild (master rebuild, .030 over).

This is a bit over my head, so if someone could clarify, I'd appreciate it.

So, basically buy a hughs plenium gasket, and have the mechanic put it in during the rebuild. Will most kits have a plenium gasket already, and I just just swap it, or is it something that is not normally taken apart during a rebuild? The mechanic doesn't speak much english (in honduras), and my spanish is ok, but not on this subject; but he should know what it's for if I just hand it to him?

And when this fix is done, (along with a new 180 thermostat) I can use a programmer to increase the h.P without any problems?

Also, is there a way to tell if this is done already before I order the part? It did have a spacer over the intake.
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