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Ok so based on the great information I am getting from the people here on my other post I have realized I need to get an inverter. Now I like having a clean dash the less wires the better so this makes me want the factory dash house hold outlet. So I am going to assume that it just slots into the whole to the right of my stereo? if so can I not just get the parts and install it. I google it but can't seem to find the answer.

I know it would be easier to run a simple 12v inverter. I don't want to I want to put the plug in (if possible)


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There is a dual USB charger that plugs into the cig lighter that mounts flush with the trim ring. My friend has it in his 4rd gen and it would work awesome if you have the cig lights in the center consol {(thinking floor shifter)

ill find out who makes it
I was in dodge today and ordered all the parts to get the plug installed gonna cost me 50bucks
hi did you order the button that turn on the inverter?
hi did you order the button that turn on the inverter?
beat me to it!..........
If you have had your dash apart before you would have seen that you cannot just order one switch. It is more like a switch bank with a 4 pin connector that sends a signal to a module. If it were me and I couldn't get the switch bank or didn't have the switch I would just wire the inverter hot. Why is it on a switch anyway? Seems kinda pointless to me. If I'm charging my laptop I would want it to charge while in stopped at the store or gas station.
The part are just plug and play and you I need to flash the computer but you don't need a switch. The plugs are in the dash and it just needed to be hooked up. Really easy
the inverter itself is mounted on the passenger seat frame, right below the seat padding when you have the bucket seats

I read somewhere that with the bench seats, it is mounted in the center, it did not mention if it was a floor mount or seat mounted
All the stuff is in the dash already all you need is the plug and bezzel but if your truck didnt come with it you actually need a whole new center to make it fit. They made it slightly different so you cant upgrade your self. Im trying to get one from a junk yard but if not I think I will just make it work one way or the other.
So on further investigsation if your truck didnt come with the plug you cant cheaply put it in. You do not need the switch but you need the inverter which is 160 plus tax then to properly install the plug and bezzel you need to buy a different dask peice. It was 320 plus tax so my hopeful 50 dollar upgrade has now turned into a two week project that I am still no finished and gonna have to make work or spend a fortune on it. So off the princess auto to get some spary glue and a inverter to throw in the dash.
what is different on the face piece? can it be modified without having to buy a new one.
from what I understand the problem is that when you take the stock pocket out (which is easy) there is another peice that you cant order that serves to hold the plug and then the face plate just clips over. I am in the process of making it work just need some time and ill have a good solution. But unless you are willing to spend the 160 on the dodge inverter you'll need to wire in a cheaper one. This is what I am doing and when I do it I will put a "how to" together for everyone that wants the plug. Give me a few weeks life is crazy and I will have a solution.

have you had any luck yet? I going camping and would like to add the inverter for computer charging.
There is no quick fix I would recommend just buying a cigaret lighter plug so much easier
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