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Hello, after a recent cold spell (-25F) here in NH, the power door lock on the driver's side door of my 2003 2500 QC made a rather loud noise (loud bang) when I would unlock the truck with the remote or the interior lock switch. There is no abnormal noise when locking.

That loud bang has now progressed to an electrical buzzing sound (about 1 sec long) when the driver door is unlocked by the remote or interior switch. I have read many other posts here in the forum with power door lock problems, but did not read of any that included abnormally loud noises, so I thought I would post my problem.

I suspect the door latch/power lock mechanism may be faulty, but I am not certain since the power lock is still working (just noisy when unlocking). Has anyone else had a similar power door lock noise problem? If so, what was the cause and repair?

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