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I have just finished the mod in my 2011 standard cab. Used salvaged regulators but purchased new harnesses. I figured the air bag sensors go through the harness and didn't want to have corroded connections like I have seen on used harnesses. I also purchased a new lock for the passenger side so I could retain the use of my external key lock.

The windows worked without any sales codes added. With the upgrade power mirrors worked and puddle/turn lamps are now possible. I changed my mirrors and added LEC/NHJ codes to get the lights working. The power locks will not respond to the door switches but the truck will lock the doors at 15-20MPH and unlock both doors when one is opened. I am adding the remote start next week to try for the remote key-less entry.

Has anyone done this mod and gotten the power lock buttons to respond? The door modules are on the CAN bus and are sending a message to the TIPM that cycles the lock cylinders. The truck most likely needs a code that the dealers can't add.

Another question is heated mirrors. I changed the HVAC control with a 2012 that has the fog switch. The indicator lights but the mirrors don't seem to warm up. Anyone tried this mod?
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