Pro Comp shocks - quiock review

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Last week I posted asking for reviews on the pro come es 9000's as I was getting a set. I put the 2 inch torsion key level on last fall, so my shocks were streched to the max and bottomed out (or up?) over big speed bumps and just other nasty things. Well I didnt realize that I wasnt getting the 9000's but instead got the 3000's, not sure of the difference. The new ones are 2 inches longer than the stock to compensate for the level. rides SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better, its quite unreal to think I drove a brick around for 5 months until now LOL doesnt bottom out over anything anymore and just rides smoother across any small bump or line in the road. Also replaced the rear shocks with a set of Reflex shocks that my dad gave me when I bought the truck from him last september, the old ones completely collapsed when I pressed them in LOL
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