probably nothing...... right?

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For some strange reason, my washer fluid light comes on for a very short flash and i hear the ''ding'' then goes away. this has happened twice now and may sound like im over exaggerating it but i keep my truck in top condition and any thing that goes wrong i fix it as soon as i can.

Before anyone mentions YES I HAVE CHECKED MY FLUID LEVEL! that's the first thing that i did after it happened.

if it helps any i have just finished putting a factory key-less entry module in the back of my cluster about a month ago, and now last week this happened. not sure if they're related and probably aren't, but its the only thing i have done electrical in a while.

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It might just be frozen.
you mean like how a computer can freeze or it got frozen because it was cold?

Here in Arkansas we have been having a warm year and it has not been that cold yet.
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