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First off I want to say that Todd (retro-solutions) is a great guy to deal with and was very fast to respond to my emails.

I bought a cheapo hid kit from craigslist and was having problems with the drl and with the help of Todd I decided to buy a new relay and resistors. But three days after I ordered all that I said "fu** it!" and just bought a whole new nightvision 6000k HID kit from retro-solutions. It arrived well packaged and very quickly!

So now to my problem. I just installed the whole kit and its solved my drl problem but the lamp out light is still on and when i turned on the lights everything powered up fine and the lights matched my 6000k hid fog lights, but then they headlamps seemed to slowly power down and now they just look like a set of those higher end halogens.

Any ideas? Could I have hooked it up wrong?
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