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2003 Dodge Ram 2500HD, 5.7 Hemi, 545rfe
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Hello, So I rebuilt my transmission about a month ago and since then I have put about 800 Kilometers (500 miles) on the rebuilt transmission, and today I went for a quick drive after replacing the steering damper to make sure everything was okay, and I pulled onto a dirt side road and stopped the truck to look if everything was good with the steering and when I got back in the truck and put it into drive it would not move and I had to rev it to about 2000rpm before it moved and when it tried to shift to third gear it revved to 3000rpm before it shifted and then the check engine light came on, so I checked the fluid and it was at the correct level, and then I limped home going about 20kph (12mph) and when I got home I plugged in the scan tool and these are the codes it showed.

P00C9 - Line pressure low
P0054 - Gear ratio error in 4th
P0035 - loss of prime
P0053 - Gear ratio error in 3rd
P0051 - Gear ratio error in 1st
P0036 - Fault immediately after shift
P0090 - UD pressure switch sense circuit

So if anyone knows what could have happened because the day before I had driven over 300 kilometres (186 miles) without any issue.

2003 dodge ram 2500hd, 5.7hemi, 545rfe, 4x4.

Thanks In advance.
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