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I read a lot about cold weather issues with the air ride system, therefore I expected to have the same issue when some weeks ago my truck went down. I was already driving 400km in one direction at freezing temperatures, with no issue. On my way back, just 1 hour later, I had this issue the very 1st time. I tried turned it off, waited some minutes, started again, and it was pumping up again. As soon I hit the road it started jumping like a young goat again...

I made it home, 400km on very bad Saskatchewan highways, and next morning everything was back to normal and working.

2 weeks later the same problem. Again as soon I was on the highway. No problems around town. Temperature about 10 below freezing.

This time I removed the air intake filter on the air ride system, squeezed some air tool oil and air break anti-freeze in the hose, as somewhere on Youtube recommended, and run it up and down 20 times. No issues. Drove it around town for another 3 weeks with no issues.

Yesterday I went on the highway again, and 5 minutes after the truck went into "aero" mode, same problem again.

And this time, I finally realized that it always happens as soon the truck goes into "aero". I have no issues in town, typically keep it on Off Road 1. But as soon I go on the highway, the truck goes slowly down to E/E position, and will not come up again. The display keeps showing "Aero", and the controls for the air ride are not responding either and only show "normal" ride high (2 LEDs).

Turning it off for some time (or over night) sets everything back to normal. Next time I start it, everything is fine again.

This tells me that I am not having an issue with a stuck compressor, due to cold weather. It looks more like an electronic issue, maybe a sensor or the control unit?

I just read that auto-aero can be disabled in the settings, I didn't know that before. Will disable it now and go cruising on the highway to figure out if this helps.

Someone with the same problem? Controls stuck in "aero" mode on the highway and the truck going down to the limiters, but otherwise everything normal under non-highway conditions?
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