Projector Retrofit HELPP!!

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Hey Guys,

I purchased the Morimoto H1 projectors to retrofit into my 4th gen quads. I read most of the posts on here regarding how difficult some had it opening the headlights and how some people had it easy...Well I am having a horrible time!!! Im pretty sure I destroyed my right headlight...I dont know if my headlight just has a massive amount of glue in it or what but I tried everything and have had no luck...

Is there anyone in the jersey area that has done them and would be willing to give me a hand...Or anyone who can help me get this figured out???

-Andrew :4-dontknow:
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What exactly did you do to try to open the headlights?
What exactly did you do to try to open the headlights?
and try not to leave out details, there is a big difference between baking headlights for 10ish minutes and for 10 minutes
I put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 230 degrees...they were still tight so I put them in for another 5 minutes. They were loose after that but there was soo much glue. I also had trouble getting flat head or putty knife behind the plastic lip which deformed the plastic.
on another thread "dodgert" said stock headlights take up to 20mins
this is specifically what dogert said.

" i opened my stock ones to and let me just say the aftermarket ones do not need as much heat or time to break open think the stock ones were like 215-220 for 15-20 mins 3 or 4 times the after market was 200 for 10 mins and that was it "

sorry i dont know how to quote from another thread. but he said it.
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also, this is the thread for how to install the morimoto retrofits. i think his thread should be a sticky.

he did an awesome job.
250 for 18 minutes. start at the bottom inner corner, then you are all set.
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