Punctured Fuel Tank

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This weekend our fuel tank got punctured on our 3500, and leaked out about 1/2 tank of diesel before it got plugged. Had to replace the tank. Dealer said something must have bounced up and put a hole in it. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know if there is a skid plate option available to help protect the tank, since they are all just plastic now? The truck was parked at a horse show, so it would have been pretty obviousl if someone was trying to steal diesel, and besides, it was just pouring on the ground, so it was not like someone was after it.
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My wife had a 2001 dodge Intrepid about 10 years ago that this happened to she hit a chunk of steel and it bounced up and punctured the gas tank she had no clue until she got home and could smell gas and asked me to look at her car !
This may not be what you need exactly[NFH]/4476978/05031067AB.html
Yes , it does happen and it is almost always from something getting into a bounce and finding it's way under a vehicle and hitting something. Sometimes the exhaust system,break line,fuel tank....whatever. Sucks but it does happen.
Bright side is your trick didn't burn up from the fuel on the ground.
GTyankee that link is '404' dead. Got an other....
look at this google search page
3rd or 4th thing down
factory chrysler parts,cf.osb&fp=67d2257a64ea933a&biw=1006&bih=532
GTyankee better.....
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